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Welcome! We are a small womxn-led business committed to bring a message of empowerment and awareness to our Sisters. Moon Seeds lunar and Menstrual Almanac is a powerful tool and we want to make it Eco-friendly and sustainable. Many of you have already experienced the power, the knowledge and the beauty that this work brings.

We will be honored/ we would love for you to support us! This is how you can do it:

* If you own a small business that is focused in organic and eco-friendly products, art and craft, or supporting an alternative lifestyle...and you share our vision

* If you are a reader of Moon Seeds and you have a small circle of womxn around you with whom you can share our work...

​* If you are an artist or you work in the holistic world of healing and you would like to draw or write for us….

Moon Seeds is small, growing, aware, magical, empowered and self managed company created by amazing wonderful YOU!!


​ If you are the owner of online store that is aligned with our vision and you would like to sell our planners….

Moon Seeds it’s a project that wants to expand and create a growing web of womxn that are connected, it’s an instrument of awareness and centering, it’s a dream.​


Help to get where we cannot get by ourselves.

Connect to know our wholesale prices!


Connect with us to become an Ambassador

Moon Seeds it’s a alternative and self-managed project. We sell each package in recycled paper packaging.

Help us make things easier and more Eco-friendly.

Contact a small store near by that wants to by at least 20 copies 


Find a group of womxn that wants to purchase

So we can diminish packaging, handling and  shipping.


              We will gift you a planner , a notebook and the bookmark or two planner

( limited space)​


Moon Seeds it’s not only a planner but also a project that wants to create a web  of sisterhood that can allow us to support and help each other shine.

We are always looking for new ideas and new illustrations, even though we are the ones doing the main work .

If you feel in line with our vision and you want to send us an illustration or an interesting article that is in tune with our work…

We are waiting for you!

Connect with us to show us your creativity