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Born from the dream of four women, in collaboration with an astrologer, illustrators and shamans from all over the world, Moon Seeds is not just a planner, it is a journey into the unconscious that lasts 13 moons. It is a path of reconnecting to the female cycle, a daily calendar, a journal and a book. Moon Seeds offers you a journey within, following the moon and the menstrual cycle. Inside you will find articles on women's health, sexuality, spiritual growth, trans-personal psychology, plants and more. Together with the new moon intention, the menstrual chart and 13 Original Clan Mothers, you will journey through the months of the year, discovering the phases of YOUR cycle and natural cycles, to connect with the needs of the physical, energetic and spiritual body in each phase of the journey.



This is a eco-product that connects hundreds of womxn, you will be also part of this project!

With every purchase you will receive a free bookmark!

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In a society where women are asked to perform disconnected from their cyclical nature and rarely have a moment to tune into themselves,

Moon Seeds is designed to guide, educate and inspire women to achieve self awareness and self love through menstrual charts, astrology, journal prompts, informative articles, rituals and beautiful art.

This year the guided journey is inspired by the book“ The 13 clan Mothers” by Jamie Sams.

Moon Seeds offers a guided journey that follows the 13 months of a lunar cycle.

It is an eco-friendly daily planner printed in small batches in Italy on recycled paper with vegetable ink.


A sacred space to connect with yourself

It is a planner, an almanac, a personal diary….

….and most of all it is an everyday  tool, making possible a life in connection with our menstrual cycle and with the ones of nature and the cosmos.

Through  a journey that lasts a year, you will be able to get to know yourself deeply and realize the transformation that happens during the phases of your cycle, the needs you have and the potential that you can express.


What will you find


About 200 pages in A5 format

​eco-paper printed on small batches in Italy

​Lunar & menstrual diagram

Monthly New Moon Forecast

Personal diary

​Herbal wisdom

Articles about:

womxn's health

​Awareness & spiritual growth


world culture & much more

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Connection with the Moon

 As womxn, the Moon is the planet that more represents us and to which we are more connected. Her energy moves the waters and so the blood within us. Connecting with her phases is connecting with ourselves. Moon Seeds guides you into the opportunity to dive into a deep work of healing and self awareness, using the power of the New Moon Intention and Full Moon Release, that will allow you to work every day on those emotional patterns you want to  change.


Illustrations & Archetypes

For Moon Seeds to be beautiful as a part of being practical, we are collaborating with creative artists that also feel connected with our vision of the feminine and devoted to spreading this message to the world. The archetypes and the metaphorical  illustrations are tools we use to connect with certain topics with our intuition and internalize them.

Last year we connected the menstrual phases to 13 womxn that lived an ispiring and exeptional life!

Lunar & Menstrual Chart

Connecting with our womb as a sacred vessel is at the base of well being and balance of a woman. Recognizing the role of the phases of the menstrual cycle will allow you to discover the flow of energy and creativity, tapping into your full power and inner wisdom. Each one of the menstrual phases symbolizes a different identity that wants to be acknowledged and taken care of, so you can develop a relationship of mutual help and support. The connection between body and mind is unbreakable: a balanced mind will support a balanced body and vice versa.


Herbal Wisdom

Womxn and plants have always had a special connection. The nature of some plants is surprisingly in tune with the feminine nature , and will bring back balance to the hormones or will alleviate menstrual discomfort on the physical level but also on the emotional one. The needs of plants and womxn are somehow connected. We cannot deny that this connection has been there for centuries and that the womxn has developed an instinct to care , protect and recognition for the plants.

Articles and Knowledge

Part of the vision of Moon Seeds is to inform and inspire our readers. Every year we propose numerous articles of different interest: from health to sexuality,from  social and  cultural knowledge to transpersonal psychology and emotional healing. Those are invitations to further studies and research so our sisters can take care of their body, mind and soul and be able to walk in this life with harmony, balance and wisdom.


Moon Seeds is for you if...

...if you are ready to dive into your body wisdom

...if you are ready to embrace a life in tune with your cycle

...if you are ready to use at best your creative flow

…if you want to understand your menstrual cycle

...if you wanna practice fertility awareness and understand your cycle

...if you are ready to connect to with mother nature in a deeper way of awareness

...if you want to embrace menstruation as a ritual and a blessing

...if you want acquire knowledge about your body and your sexuality

...if you want to learn more about your emotions and their connection with your body

...if you are ready wanna connect with your divine feminine nature

...if you are coming of the pill or other contraceptive and you want to tune back in your natural cycle

...if you are on the pill and you still wanna try to tune into your body in a sacred way

...if you are ready to tune in with the Moon and her phases

...if you are ready to commit to a deep work of healing connected to the moon

...if you are ready to look at the patterns you are holding on and release them 

...if you are ready to connect to your womb as a sacred space and vessel of creativity

…if you are ready to heal your connection with the womb and the Feminine

What they say about us


Molly, buffalo

"Absolutely love my lunar &menstrual almanac. The amount of information, awakening and guide this journal has given me has been amazing. What I put into it and take away from it  are so eye opening"


"This beautiful almanac of womanly wisdom is an invitation to participate in our creative cycle, to activate the fifth element, the spirit that brings together all the elements into aliveness"


"This is so much more than a planner; a guide to lunar phases, an abundance of history. Using lunar rituals and herbal remedies eased my transition into motherhood and has been so helpful in my postpartum"

ying, london

Manda, Huntington beach

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